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John Fisher acoustic singer songwriter from norwich
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cd album Organic by john fisher

John Fisher Music

The music section contains information on John Fishers albums including: track listings, lyrics and in-depth info for each song. Plus a pop up MP3 player with sample tracks for you to listen to, while you browse through the website.

John plays mostly acoustic guitar but also piano. His music is inspired by the people around him, experiences, feelings and the enjoyment of writing.

Most tracks are kept simple so they work on many levels but can still capture the imagination of those who like John's style: Played live or recorded, purely acoustic,  solo, with backing vocals, or with accompaniment from instruments such as strings, drums or harmonica.


Quote: "With his distinctive voice and songs varying from lively toe tapping tracks, to harmonious tunes and thought provoking lyrics. People either love his music or hate it. After listening to a preview of his debut album, I have found it can take you on a roller coaster of emotions."

Theresa ( promotion/marketing)

'Organic' the debut album

Album release date - Out Now!

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After many years of song writing from John Fisher, 2011 sees the release of the debut album titled "Organic". A mix of acoustic tracks with accompaniment from various session musicians. From lively tracks with catchy choruses to haunting melodies.

Matered by John Astley, The Who’s legendary producer, which John is ecstatic about.


A four track acoustic promo is available to download for FREE.
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Radio Stations & Music Magazines

If any radio stations or music magazines would like my album Organic to review or for air play it is availabe on request, please contact me for further information.

Special thanks goes to:

Sheffield Live! - 93.2fm (appearing live on air Monday 29th August between 12noon -1pm)
KL.FM - 97.2 fm
Future Radio 107.8fm

for supporting my music

John Fisher

Available now!
John's debut album "Organic"
Available in CD and as MP3 Download

Mastered by the Legendary
Jon Astley
and featuring the amazing vocals of Zoe Galant.

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Album samples
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FREE promo CD

Just visit the music downloads page to download four free acoustic mp3's.

Johns free promo music for download

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The FREE promo tracks which you can download, burn to CD and print the CD art.

This promo is also music that is FREE to share! You can make copies and pass it on. Please follow the link to the creative commons licence to read more info.